Thursday, April 29, 2004

Just got off the horn with Tony Canolli, my plumber. The man's hysterical. He has the strongest New Yawk accent that I've ever heard in my life, even though he's lived in the Golden State for over 20 years. Every time I talk to him my Jersey accent rushes front and center.

I need my kitchen faucet replaced. Usually Himself does these things, but we got in an argument last night when I asked him so I called the Canolli.

I've never actually laid eyes on the man, but apparently he's as big as a house, or a barn, or maybe an air hangar. How such a man would fit under my sink is a mystery to me, but he *is* a plumber, so one must assume that he's spend a good amount of time under sinks. Although he may have one of his minions do the work in more cramped spaces.

Yep, I said minions. Apparently he has a swarm of minions, each with a haircut goofier than the last, panting at the very thought of doing the Canolli's bidding.

I've heard all this detail from my friends who have actually seen the man. It's doubtful that I'll ever see him myself though, since he works while I work. What I have seen is the excellent job he did moving my laundry machines out of the laundry room and into the garage, thereby giving me a new room in my house.

Dang, did the Salinas ever trip suck yesterday. A four hour round trip (and the company car only had a radio, no tape or cd) and then I sat in a room listening to people complain for 2+ hours. I'm still feeling kind of depressed. Yuck.

Today will be better. I have another meeting in Hayward and I know a lot of those people. It's also only a 45 minute drive each way. I'll work out then head over there. I feel so behind in my work that I get incredibly anxious just thinking about it.

One of the nice things about this week is that I don't have to go to work 'til later, which means that I can sleep in *and* do my Tivo'ed Denise Austin workouts. Denise is really perky, massively positive, and more than just a little insane. At the end of yesterday's show she was holding up a fruit smoothie and smiling so hard that she frightened me. I looked right in her eyes and saw clearly that she was barking mad.

But she really gives a great workout.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Driving to Salinas today for another meeting. My business travel should end by June, when my contract for the project that I've been working on for the past year ends.

Right now I'm travelling about three days a week. Luckily, most of the time I get to come back home at the end of the day, but I still have a few overnights left.

I'm feeling stretched pretty thinly right now, because I'm also working on four other projects right now, and recently figured out that 150% of the 40 hours I'm supposed to work has been promised to these five project. Now, I'm no math wiz, but something tells me I'm goning to start putting in the overtime.

Frankly, I'd rather work 40 hours. I already resent the amount of time that I have to dedicate to work each week. Why load on more?

Still, the job's a good one. I've learned so much, and am constantly challenged and stretching. I'm just cranky because I have a work hangover from yesterday, I think.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Just finished last night's episode of Everwood and I'm still all weepy. It was chock full of sweet brother/sister moments. I need to call my brothers!

Just finished injecting salty water up my nose, per my dr's orders. When she first told me to do it, I was kind of excited because I thought that when I shot the water up one nostril that huge gouts of green snot would come cascading out of the other one. Disappointingly, it's been quite an anticlimax, with the water just trickling out of the same nostil even as I compress the syringe.

I'm engaging in this activity over the kitchen sink, because my bathroom sink drains poorly, and if those cascades of green snot ever do show up, I'd like to be ready to battle them with the garbage disposal.

I'm also secretly hoping that my crazy-assed neighbors who can see right into my kitchen watch me do this and get totally grossed out. It's unlike me to be such an exhibitionist, but those crazy bastards had a fence built a couple of years back. On my property. And the guy who built their fence on my property cut down a pretty bush. On my property.

Now, if I had somebody build a fence, and they built it on my neighbor's property, I'd immediately notify my neighbors about the mistake, move the fence, and replace the bush. Instead, Crazy Bastards let me take the initiative, and acted defensive when I asked them to right their wrong. They did move the fence back onto their property (actually leaving me a bigger slice than I originally had, or maybe it just looked that way since my pretty bush was no more) but I've not had any fond feelings for them since.
You can lead a horse to water, Jo...

I've been on a computer for nine hours today. In San Ramon. They had free snacks. I kinda feel barfy.

So I went and got some sushi for dinner when I got home.

Oh yes, things will be interesting in the ol' lower intenstine tonight!
Ms. Jane, oh Ms. Jane! Ms. Jane!

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