Friday, May 14, 2004

I woke up feeling so blue this morning that I knew that the only option I had was to look into the eyes of a maniac, Denise Austin. After 40 minutes of getting my buns, abs, and thighs kicked, I really do feel much more cheerful.

Today I'm off to Fresno, and none too happy about it. It'll be about a six hour round trip, with the two hour meeting there. I'm surely looking forward to the time where I can get back into my cube and get all the work that's been piling up done. I'm also hopeful that when I get into my new project more fully that I won't have to interface with the blue collar guys that much. Sorry if it sounds classist, but I want to be around people who aren't ashamed of their intellect. Seems like there's this huge streak reverse snobbism in this country, where if somebody's intelligent they're mocked. I see it all the time on television.

This weekend I'm going to buy a laptop! A PC laptop, not a Mac. I'm excited! I also want to get a massage and a facial. Of course I also want to be beautiful, young, and rich, but we all know how that's turned out. So we'll see if any of these things happen.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Today I am *wiped* *out*! Got back from Seattle at about 12 noon on Tuesday and had Himself drop me off at work. Caught up with my emails and voicemails for a couple of hours, then battled my way through traffic home.

About then I could have used a day off. While I vowed not to overschedule our time in Seattle, Himself had made no such agreement and he ran me ragged from one attraction to the next. He was also in the throes of some pretty serious Birthday Angst (it was a bday with a zero at the end) and was acting like a major brat as a result. He admitted later that I was being the grownup on the trip, but frankly, I would have enjoyed myself far more if he'd acted like one too.

Anyway, had to drive to Merced and back yesterday for another one of my followup meetings. It was nice to have some time to myself. I started listening to "The Awakening" by Kate Chopan (sp?), which I read my freshman year in college. It's good to hear it, such rich subtext and images. It's such fun to revisit a book that I cut my literary analysis teeth on.

Had a meeting in Walnut Creek this morning, and had planned to spend the afternoon working from home. An overwhelming lethargy has taken me over though, and I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day chilling.

In fact, I think I'll take a little nap now...

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Oooh, how cool am I? I'm at a fancy, Gillespie-playing internet cafe close to the water in Seattle. A major downpour just came passing through. I was thoroughly prepared for such an event, with my trusty rancher (Jo, it's the "My brethern, the farmer" coat) raincoat and umbrella. Sadly, himself was in only his shirtsleeves, so I ended up getting fairly damp anyway.

Rain is definitely one of the main arguments in favor of lasix. My glasses are still all smeary from the deluge. Rain and snorkeling. And vanity. Of course, having worn glasses for the past gazillion years, I've soundly debunked the whole "Boys don't make passes" thing. Damned skippy they do.

Still, they're screwing with your *eyes*...

Anyway, I've decided not to overplan the trip. Going online I found enough stuff to do up here to keep us breathlessly busy for a week, and we're only here 'til Tueday morning. I've just discovered that Seattle's filled to the rafters with incredibly cool furniture stores, and I'd like to spend some quality time browsing those. Also, it appears they have a hoppin' art glass scene here, if the incredible blown glass scuplture in my hotel lobby is any idication. We're going to hit the Seattle Art Museum too. I heart art.

I've also read about this nice urban hiking trail that I think I'll drag the newly health-concious Himself on a nice hike before brunch tomorrow.

So much to do! So little time!!

Ooooh, the thought just occured to me. Seattle is by the water, right? I bet there is *awesome* sushi around here! Mmmmm.
This morning I'm winging my way to Seattle - woo hoo! I promised Himself a trip for his birthday and, as is his way, he couldn't commit to anything until about 1pm yesterday, when he finally bought the tickets. By then, naturally, I wanted to beat him bloody. I mean really, I should get more than 24 hours notice for a vacation.

He'd waffled between Miami and Seattle all week. Do I pack a bikini or a parka was all I wanted to know.

I'm excited now though! I've never been to Seattle, and we always have so much fun on our trips. I gave him my credit card before I went to work, and he made all the arrrangements (normally I do that, but I had an especially grindy day at work yesterday). He peppered my day with phone calls about where we were staying, the car, what tickets he'd lined up. Sounds like we're in for a good time!

I'm off to shower and pack!

Friday, May 07, 2004

I made my chicken tomato mess last night and overcooked the goddam chicken. Now I have three more meals of dry chicken. Grrr. I used the cooking times from the chicken cacciatori recipe from my Better Homes & Gardens recipe, so I lay the blame for this culinary disaster on their doorstep. Damn you Better Homes & Gardens! DAAAAAMN YOUUUUUUUU!

Himself and I might be going to Seattle tomorrow for his birthday. Anyone have any suggestions as to where to go and stay? I'll probably do Priceline for the hotel, maybe the car too, for that matter.

Back to work.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

While living alone has so many advantages that I can't even begin to start counting them, today I realized that with my rigorous ten hour workday and two hour (round trip) commute, I'm beginning to see that what I really need is a wife. Not for sex or companionship, mind you, but someone to take care of my needs while I'm out being a breadwinner.

I need somebody to do my food shopping, cook my dinner, pick up my dry cleaning, and clean my house. I just don't have time to do it myself anymore, what with the majority of my waking hours being devoted to my stupid job.

This morning I got some chicken out of the freezer and spent my day fanatising about the delicous chicken-y, tomato-y mess served up on a bed of couscous that I'd make for dinner. Sadly, I didn't get home 'til about 6:30 (I had to get off at the bus stop about three miles from my house, 'cause I'd been cooped up in my cube all day, and depression's been nipping at my heels, so I knew I'd best get some excercise outdoors) and was starved by the time I got home. The chicken/tomato mess will have to wait 'til tomorrow, and now I'm eating microwaved artichoke hearts mixed with pesto and feeling sorry for myself.

One thing's for sure, my adult responsibilities have given me a new respect and appreciation of my mother. She did everything that I'm doing right now (except for the commute) and raising three kids on her own. How she did that without going stark, raving, mad is beyond me.
Man, that was one bleak trip! I drove down to Bakersfield on Monday afternoon, had a meeting with some very circumspect people on Tuesday morning, then got back into the car and drove back across the colorless, baked country.

I made the mistake of picking up "Snow Falling on Cedars" on CD to listen to along the way. I was totally unprepared for how completely depressing it is. I'm on CD 7 (only unabridged versions for me, natch!) and the Fujiko and her five daughters have just gotten to the internment camp.

Gah. I'm so depressed from the whole experience that I just want to stay in bed today. But I must be a brave little toaster and make my way back to the city and my cube, that wonderland of taupe.

I'm starting to suspect that I need a vacation.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Some days it's harder to go to work than others. Today's really hard because A) I had an awesome weekend and B) I have to drive down to Bakersfield.

Saturday I had a Dream Date with Jo where we capered about the Berkeley and Oakland, each of us buying a big stack of CDs at the excellent Amoeba records, then we found a great art gallery in Jack London Square, next to Bloodbath and Beyond where I got a new piece of artwork. Then Squid joined up with us and we ate Ethiopian food. I had some lamb thing and it was goooood.

Got home and was so inspired by my new piece of artwork that I hung about five pieces that I've lying around and my house looks totally bitchin', if I do say so myself. As I hung the artwork, Miz Marizille called me and informed me of the arrival of the Minimarizzle, which made the day, quite simply, perfect.

It was a real treat hanging out with Jo alone. It's been a long time since we got to continue the conversation that we started in the 7th grade uninterrupted by Sophie and Elizabeth.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Woo hoo! Miz Marizille had a baby girl yesterday, and I got to spend some good quality time with her this morning. She's sooo cute! 7lbs 5ozs. Little bitty fingers. Her teeny tiny nose is the size of my thumbnail, with itty bitty nostrils. Wee scrawny legs all kicking around, making her little Pampers crackle away.

I'm a smitten kitten!

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